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Mek Kembang
Eid ready-to-wear collection 2021
A precious brand, made by us, just for you.

This year’s Eid ready-to-wear collection is the royalties of its realm, with magnificent designs and optimum convenience for your triumph.

Featured Products

Blair Collection

An exclusive material made of satin silk amplifies the wearer's elegance and classiness; complemented with the minimal yet multipurpose design.

Miedy Daniel mekkembang

Miedy Daniel

"Less is More" The collection enhances the uniqueness in every character that Miedy has in his sense of fashion.⁣

Sherry Al-Hadad x mekkembang

Sherry Al-Hadad

“Be Yourself”, a design that gives details on the most comfortable fabric and the perfect color that will make a person more confident and elegance

We are in New look

Witness the reincarnation of Mek Kembang (MEK), with conceptual revamp and elevated benchmark of designs that gives a whole different ambience to our new collection.

Mek Kembang

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